Presentations for Grades 4 to 9
For audiences up to 30 students.

Individual tutoring or small groups presentation are possible too.
Presentations are usually 45 to 60 minutes but can be tailored to fit the needs of the group. In person, will present in Calgary and Edmonton. Zoom or Google Meets presentations also available. 

Please contact me for presentation fees. 

Jeanette is an expert on creativity and believes we all have talent. Using curiosity she will help students spark their imaginations, and discover their hidden talents. Workshops can be tailored to any grades and adapted to specific situations. She is also available for readings and author Q&A sessions.

Subjects: Language Arts, Creative Writing, Character Development, Exploring Settings, Creativity, Teamwork, Identity, Finding Strengths, Courage, Social Responsibility, Acceptance of Others, and Kindness.

Creative GamesGrade 4 – 9: We all have creativity and courage, but it’s scary when we show what is inside us to the world. Jeanette inspires students to discover their talents by using a wide range of activities and with examples from her own journey finding creativity. Come prepared to find your inner talents.

Building Fully Formed Characters, Grade 4 – 9: What makes us fall in love with the characters in a story? Students dive deep into their imaginations for ideas. Then learn the building blocks to make their characters jump off the page. This presentation is also a great collaborative writing exercise.

Building an Amazing Setting, Grade 4 – 9: How does setting work in a story? Working with student suggestions we will build an out-of-this-world setting. Students then have an opportunity to create their own settings using the example as a guide. This presentation is also a great collaborative writing exercise.

Combining the Elements of a Story, Grade 4 – 9: This presentation is great for a longer presentation or in combination with the character and/or setting workshops. It also works as a great collaborative writing exercise.

Make Your Stories Come Alive, Grade 6 – 9: Students learn the key steps to combine character arc and plot points to bring their stories to life.

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